CATalyst Screening - Choice of Multi-sample Manual Systems
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Process development for elevated pressures using  mini-reactors

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Modular high pressure system

The DigiCAT allows the control of temperature and stirring as well as the safe addition of gas (including hydrogen) for chemistries at high pressure (up to 200 bar) and temperatures (up to 300 °C).
Reactor sizes up to 300 ml can be used in different combinations without any experience in the use of pressure tool


Control and monitor

  • Reactor and mantle temperature
  • Reactor pressure
  • Stirring speed

The standard system provides analogue (gauge) readings of pressure and manual settings of temperature and stirring on digital controller.
In addition our software interface can also be provided.


Reactor Choice
Single or multiple reactors can be used with the same base system. Furthermore, two DigiCAT units can be operated in parallel giving the possibility of experiments with up to 6 high pressure reactors.

Choose your reactors from two ranges:


  • 16 ml, 25 ml, 50 ml
  • Up to three reactors from the Mini-range can used with each DigiCAT base system


  • 75 ml, 125 ml, 300 ml
  • One reactor from the Midi-range can be used with each DigiCAT base system


  • Reactor volumes - 16 ml to 300 ml
  • Number of reactors per DigiCAT unit
    • 3 x (16 ml, 25 ml, 50 ml)
    • 1 x (75 ml, 125 ml, 300 ml)
  • Vessel Material - SS316, Hastelloy, Glass liner options
  • Max. operating temperature - 300 °C
  • Max. operating pressure - 200 bar (2,900 psi)
  • Head plate ports Mini range - 5 x 1/16 MPT freely configurable
  • Head plate ports Midi range centre - 1/4 BSPP, 1 x 1/4 BSPP, 4 x 1/8 BSPP freely configurable
  • Standard fittings - PRV (optional rupture disk), gas inlet, thermowell, sampling port.
  • Seals - Viton or Kalrez
  • Agitation - Magnetic suspended or overhead mechanical*
  • Stirring speed - 300  to 1400 rpm

(*Optional on Midi range only)

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