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HEL Wins BIV Awards With University Of Sheffield- Investigate the effect of pressure on the growth of C. necator H16 during fermentation

Fermentation Studies Most fermentation studies are carried out under ambient pressure. Although pressurized fermentation has been widely applied in brewing industry to reduce [...]

Novel Application Of Themoelectric As A Support and Promoter For Catalysts

HEL is working on a joint venture with Exergy and Cranfield University for the thermoelectric promotion of catalytic activity. Dr. Zhaorong Huang [...]

High Functionality Parallel Chemistry Platform With The AutoMATE II

HEL’s AutoMATE II accommodates reactors with a large number of probes, condensers/valves/relief devices without a cluttered overhead and also allows extremely high or [...]

“NEW” Tandem Gas Analyser Data Capture Software

The new Tandem gas analyser data capture software allows the convenient monitoring and visualisation of exhaust gas data from all Tandem Gas Analysers Advantages [...]

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