CrystalSCAN // Automated Crystallisation Screening system
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Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

Features and benefits:

  • Obtain accurate solubility and MSZW data
  • Automated dilution / solvent addition
  • 8 samples in parallel (up to 120mL)
  • 4 sample version optional (up to 500mL)
  • Interchangeable sample sizes, from 2ml to 500ml
  • Temperature range -60° C to +200° C
  • Innovative stirrer design to prevent crystal damage
  • Measurements can be made in both clear and dark / coloured solutions - without any alteration in set-up



Productivity -

  • the CrystalSCAN replaces dozens of manual experiments in a single run

Accuracy -

  • Individual thermocouples in each reactor ensure that temperatures are tracked precisely.
  • turbidity probes provide accurate detection of crystallisation and dissolution onset points.
  • Precision Syringe pumps deliver accurate dilutions.

Speed -

  • Real-time, automated generation of Solubility and MSZW's reduces the need for offline data analysis.
  • Experimental conditions can be changed at any time , even on currently running steps.