AutoLAB digi-plate // Stirred lab reactors from 1mL to 1L
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Features & Benefits

New ways of doing traditional synthetic chemistry

Basic features include:

  • Flexibility and versatility - wide choice of reaction vessels, including round bottom flasks, high pressure vessels, etc.  Easy and quick exchange between vessels.
  • Efficient stirring as standard - vigorous suspended stirring available via magnets embedded in PTFE stirrers suspended on shafts driven.  These replace magnetic fleas and provide mechanical agitation without overhead motors.
  • Heating - controlled heating / insulating jacket for high temperatures

What's included: -

  • Digital stirred hotplate
  • Reaction vessel/s of choice (plus adaptor if required)
  • Magnetic stirrer
  • Temperature probe

Optional extras:

  • Overhead stirring
  • pH probe
  • Heating / cooling jacket
  • Syringe pump
  • Pressure vessels