CATalyst Screening - Choice of Multi-sample Manual Systems
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High throughput catalyst screening

CAT systems

Our complete range of multi-sample high throughput catalyst screening vessels have been designed to provide a simple easy-to-use tool for high pressure reaction screening. They can be used directly with stirring hotplates or oil baths.

CAT 7, 18 and 24

This family of products consists of a single vessel into which multiple sample vials are placed and normally stirred and heated by a hot-plate, totally manually. Key to the design is prevention of sample cross contamination between samples. All samples are at the same temperature and pressure. Samples size is  ~1ml  (CAT 18,24) or ~3ml (CAT 7).


This is a semi-automated 4 or 8 sample system where each sample can be at separate pressure temperature and all samples are stirred individually. Sample vessels are typically 16ml but larger sizes are also available. Temperature of each sample is individually controlled through software and the pressure is normally selected manually.



This configuration of digital stirred-hot plate plus gas manifold can be used with CAT7, 18 and 24 as well as other reactors (16-75ml).  It is possible to add software control to this product.

CAT 96

This product is available in manual and automated format and involves the use of a 96-well plate which is placed in a custom designed (stirred) vessel before pressure/temperature is imposed. Again, all samples are at the same conditions. Sample size is ~1ml.

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