Advanced PAT // Process Analytical Technologies
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Advanced PAT

Process Analytical Technologies

Process Analytical Technolgies (PAT) offer great advantages to Research and Process-Development chemists. By measuring critical chemical parameters on-line and in real-time process conditions and operations can be rapidly optimised to delivery higher yields, better quality and a greater understanding of the processes involved.

With over 20yrs of automation experience, HEL can support the integration of existing client technologies including but not limited to


  • FTIR
  • NIR
  • GC
  • HPLC
  • Laser particle-sizing
  • Turbidity


HEL's "LaserTRACK" particle-sizing "Crystal Eyes" solubility monitoring systems can be directly supplied on new or existing reactors.

Integration and Software

PAT technologies are delivered fully integrated into HEL's WinISO software control package. WinISO supports and array of devices, makes and models and with an in-house team of software engineers, new devices are constantly incorporated.

With devices integrated directly with system controls in WinISO, feedback loops are possible - allowing process conditions to be altered in response to changes in data from the Process Analytical Technology devices.

This real-time feedback, eliminates the need for off-line analysis and allows for process optimisation to occur whilst the reaction is running, reducing material waste and greatly aiding productivity.