PolyBLOCK // Parallel Chemistry Reaction Block
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Independent stirring, measured and controlled

All PolyBLOCKs are fitted with individual magnets and stirrer motors under each zone, for independent magnetic agitation. Additionally, it is possible to stir with overhead motors, for more demanding applications.

Magnetic stirring

Traditional strirring with magnetic bars (fleas) is possible in all PolyBLOCKs, especially when small vessels or vials are used.  The larger "suspended" stirrers are ideal for slurries, typically in vessels above 75ml when used with PB4, featuring stronger magnets and motors.

Suspended mechanical stirring

Good mixing of liquids and suspensions is possible using "suspended" stirrers, especially with larger vessels on PB4.

Overhead stirring

This modular option is available with either High-Speed or High-Torque motors to suit application requirements.