LP ChemSCAN // Precise Reaction-Control on an XYZ Robot platform
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Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • From 4 to 16 separately stirred and controlled at different temperatures zones, on one or two PolyBLOCKs
  • Use vials, flasks and stirred vessels interchangeably
  • Volume: 1ml-350ml
  • Reaction temperature from -80 degrees C to +250 degrees C
  • 128 stirred reaction vials possible
  • Range of miniature probes to allow sensing of pH, turbidity, etc.
  • Parallel dosing of reagents
  • Proprietary method for liquid sampling from slurry mixtures

Advanced Software

  • On-line scheduling of process steps
  • Full interaction with running experiment
  • HPLC integration with live data display
  • Automatic recipe changes based on HPLC results

Sample Analysis

  • Automatic injection into most HPLC brands
  • Full control and data exchange option with Agilent and Gilson (both DAD and VWD)
  • Automatic control changes possible based on HPLC results
  • Real time calculations with Chemstation software if needed
  • Graphical display in real-time and overlay of chromatograms