LP ChemSCAN // Precise Reaction-Control on an XYZ Robot platform
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Robotic controlled parallel synthesis - LP ChemSCAN

Fast efficient automated chemical screening of low pressure reactions

HEL's LP ChemSCAN is an x-y-z robotic handling system, built around a central chemical reaction block. The system can provide reaction control up to 2 multi-zone PolyBLOCK reaction blocks and allows for parallel evaluations, such as:

  • Drug stressing
  • Solubility studies
  • Catalyst / route selection
  • Custom applications

Applications can be based on large-volume samples with a high degree of monitoring and control or small sample sizes, but large in number, with the ability to modify the setup at anytime.

The LPCS offers various levels of automation, and enables the scientist to make up reaction mixtures accurately and automatically, control and record temperature and agitation, sample reactions at user-specified intervals, prepare (by dilution, quench, etc) each sample and inject samples into integrated HPLC. Complex recipes can be stored and re-run, whilst online modifications can be made at any time - even on currently running steps.