AutoMATE // Parallel Chemistry on a linear platform.
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Features & Benefits

AutoMATE - features and benefits

AutoMATE: highly functional, multi reactor platfom

  • Ideal for demanding glass and pressure applications
  • Temperature range of -80 º C to +250 º C / 500 º C
  • Over 100 º C difference between reactors
  • Vials, flasks and custom reactors up to 500ml, interchangeable
  • Mix and match, up to 8 different reactors and vials, low and high pressure
  • Selectable overhead and / or magnetic agitation
  • Almost limitless expansion of features
  • Designed for use in a standard fumehood

Choice of controls

  • Temperature
  • Stirring
  • pH
  • Liquid dosing
  • Gas feed
  • Pressure control
  • Sampling
  • Real-time PAT feedback
  • Reaction calorimetry
  • Particle sizing