HP AutoMATE // Parallel High-Pressure Chemistry
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Reactor Options

Reactor Options

Reactor Options

High-Pressure Reactors are most commonly 16mL in but this is now interchangeable with 30 and 50ml reactors, all stirred and with seprate temperature control. For larger volumes, up to 400mL, bigger modifications are needed. All feature efficient magnetic stirring the following being typical choices:

  • Stainless Steel or Hastelloy wetted parts
  • Suspended mechanical agitation for efficient mixing on small scale and no-viscous samples
  • Overhead direct agitation for larger vessels (100ml plus)
  • Up to 200bar
  • Up to 250° C

Vessels to suit any scale...

16mL Vessels
16mL Vessels available across the range, but specifically designed for chemistry screening on the HPCS unit. Each vessel is supplied with a multi-port lid and a central thermowell. The thermowell can be used to support suspended stirrers (PTFE, stainless, or hastelloy) in order to improve mixing.

The small size is ideal for reducing chemical inventories for screening runs, and provide excellent data for selecting the chemical systems to proceed to larger scale testing.


75, 160, 300 or 400ml working volumes - Larger vessels ideal for High-Pressure Optimisation.

Reliable & scalable results can be obtained using suspended mechanical agitation. Suspended agitation provides a low-cost option without the chance of leaks. Where overhead motors are needed, the vessels can be supplied with magnetic rotating seals and conventional drives (75ml vessel not available with overhead agitation). This application can be extended by the inclusion of pressure measurement and control.


CAT systems

The multireactor platforms, HPPB, HPCS, HPAM, also accomodate HEL's range of CATalyst screening system. These essentially manual multi-sample screening vessels, have been designed to provide a simple easy-to-use tool for high pressure reaction screening. They can be used directly in the zones of any HEL 4-pot reaction platform, or on stirring hotplates and oil baths.

  • 18 or 24 Samples
  • 100 bar
  • 4ml working volumes
  • Each vial independently agitated


CAT 18...

...is designed to be used with 18 standard 2ml HPLC vials (with our without septa in place)


CAT 24...

...is a simple device that allows the use of 24 open top vials to be used at high pressure and temperature. Typical test volume is around 1ml. The vessels are refluxed with cold fingers that minimise solvent loss and cross-contamination.