CATalyst Screening - Choice of Multi-sample Manual Systems
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Parallel reactor system for  the rapid screening of high pressure reactions & catalysts


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  • Offers simple screening of hydrogenation and other reactions up to 200 bar
  • Individual stirred reactors at separate start pressures
  • Individual temperature control for each vessel
     (temperatures 25 °C - 250 °C)
  • A range/difference of over 100 °C between the reactors
  • Excellent stirring - individually controlled & measured
  • Compact manifold for easy purge & pressurisation
  • Hastelloy reactor version for aggressive chemistries

Operating Modes
Experiments can be designed to:

  • Run all reactions at same temperature and pressure -while varying the catalyst or reagents
  • Keep catalyst loads identical but vary the initial pressure
  • Run individual reactors with different loads, pressure and temperatures

Analysis of the final product provides information on the
effects of the variables


  • Excellent mixing enabling heterogeneous and homogenous catalytic gas-liquid reactions.
  • Proprietary &ldquosuspended&rdquo mechanical impellers provides mixing comparable to that with overhead stirrer motors.  
  • The mixing rate is such that gas uptake is often kinetic controlled, allowing scale up with confidence.

king volume 

  • Standard 8 x 16 ml, minimum working volume ~ 3 ml.
  • Other options include 75 ml and 120 ml.
  • 316SS and other alloys (e.g. Hastelloy) are available.


  • A separate mantle around each reactor allows the temperature to be controlled individually up to 250 °C.
  • The internal temperature of each reactor is measured and controlled.
  • Temperature difference of over +100 °C between reactors can be achieved.

Pressure Limit & Monitoring

  • Each reactor can be manually (and individually) pressurised up to 200 bar.
  • Reactors can be supplied with individual burettes to minimise pressure changes during a reaction.
  • Reactors can be charged to different start pressures and  then the stirring to initiate the reaction.
    • Gas consumption will lead to fall in pressure, indicated by dial gauge,digital transducers can be supplied to graphically measure and display individual pressures.

Control system

  • Software control and data logging of temperature and stirring.
  • Manual purge and gas feed of each reactor.
  • Pressure gauges supplied as standard (transducers optional).

Aggressive Chemistries

  • The system is available with all wetted parts in Hastelloy to enable the study of even the most aggressive of chemistries.

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