CATalyst Screening - Choice of Multi-sample Manual Systems
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Automated catalyst screening based around 96 well Zinsser block

CAT 96

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Features and Benefits

  • Standalone High-pressure screening unit.
  • Manual or Software control
  • 96 simultaneous reactions in 1mL vials
  • Magnetic stirring
  • 35 bar / 200 degree C rated vessels (316SS or Hastelloy)
  • Valves and pressure gauge to manually purge (e.g. inert) and then pressurize with reacting gas (e.g. hydrogenation).ure


Automated System

The CAT 96 is a fully automated design based around 96 well Zinsser block, providing Computer-control for:


  • Gas feed / venting
  • Temperature
  • Agitation
  • Pressure


Manual System

The CAT 96 can be supplied with manual ball-valves, pressure dial gauge, stirrer dial and adjustable power (heating) supply for a low-budget manual solution.

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