CATalyst Screening - Choice of Multi-sample Manual Systems
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CAT7, CAT18 & CAT24

High throughput catalyst screening with CAT7, CAT18 & CAT24

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Features and Benefits

  • Use on hot plate, oil bath, PolyBLOCK* or AutoMATE* (*excludes CAT7)
  • Choice of 7,18 or 24 simultaneous reactions
  • Sample sizes 1ml to 8ml
  • Magnetic stirring
  • Special design to prevent solvent loss
  • 100 bar / 250 degree C rated vessels (316SS or Hastelloy
  • Valves and pressure gauge to manually purge (e.g. inert) and then pressurize with reacting gas (e.g. hydrogenation).
  • "Pocket" for thermocouple to monitor operating temperature


CAT 7... designed to be used with 7 standard 10ml vials. Suitable for use with Hotplates and oil baths (NOTE not compatible with HEL Automate and PolyBLOCK mantles)

CAT 18... designed to be used with 18 standard 2ml HPLC vials (with or without septa in place)

CAT 24... a simple device that allows the use of 24 open top vials to be used at high pressure and temperature. Typical test volume is around 1ml.


Anti-crossover Contamination...

Reaction vessels are quickly and easile loaded into the CAT blocks, then exposed to a common atmosphere and temperature. To prevent carryover between vessels the HPLC vial can be fitted with septa. For larger vessels used in the CAT 7 and 24, the lids are fitted with cold fingers, which are chilled by an external coolant (eg tap water), to retard crossover of vapours between reaction vessels.
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