CrystalSCAN // Automated Crystallisation Screening system
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Turbidity probe technology


The CrystalSCAN and Crystaleyes systems, utilise HEL's proprietary turbidity sensors and WinISO Control software for accurate detection of solubility and recrystallisation points. The software detects solubility and recrystallisation points from sharp changes in signal and this is displayed graphically in real-time, allowing immediate interpretation. 

The probes are simple in design, robust and cost-effective. The design is far more sensitive than standard turbidity and as a result produces much more accurate results.

A Near-Infared (NIR) source sends light through the solution and back to a detector via a mirror. Turbidity then can be measured as a function of the light intensity - as particles increase, intensity drops and turbidity increases.

Probes are constructed in hard-wearing Hastelloy for excellent chemical compatibilty. The system is compact with the light source and detector is built-in to each probe and 8 probes can be comfortably operated simultaneously on the CrystalSCAN system. At just 5mm in diameter, the probes can be used with the smallest of vessels.