CrystalSCAN // Automated Crystallisation Screening system
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Reactor Options

Reactor options for process screening, optimisation, and scale-up

HEL's multi-reactor platforms accept a wide range of reactors including: HPLC vials, test tubes, reaction tubes, flasks, custom reactor vessels, and even high pressure vessels. Working volumes can range from as little as 1ml all the way up to 500ml fully stirred reaction vessels.

Vials and Tubes

  • Volumes between 1ml and 30ml.
  • Agitated with magnetic fleas or suspended stirrers

Flat-Bottom Round Flasks

  • Suspended mechanical stirring.
  • Multiport PTFE lids.
  • Volumes between 5 and 250ml.

Custom Reaction Vessels

  • Efficiently stirred with suspended mechanical stirring.
  • Volumes between 75 and 500ml.