BioXplorer 5000
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BioXplorer 5000


The BioXplorer 5000 bioreactor reactor range is designed to enable users to obtain a better understanding of their bioprocesses at bench scale. The entire range offers an easy-to-handle, customisable and upgradable system with interchangeable culture volumes from 0.5 L to 5 L.

Increase your process knowledge and take advantage of an exhaustive list of standard options and several innovative features including automated inventory monitoring, on line cell density analysis, and automatic KLa determination.
| Obtain the best solution to fit your needs with either a preconfigured or customized system. The open system architecture and flexible software allows external modules to be seamlessly integrated.

| Get the best possible user experience. The intuitive, powerful software is designed to offer ease of use while maintaining advance operating features including optional integration with in house data management systems.

| Increase your productivity and control multiple reactors in parallel from a single software.

The BioXplorer 5000 bioreactor range is ideal for:
| Microbial and mammalian cell culture
| High yield production of microbes in aerobic or anaerobic conditions
| Process development and optimisation and scale-up studies

Benefit from Bioprocessing at Elevated Pressure

Studies have shown that pressure can enhance many aspects of a bioprocess from improving yields to enhanced C1 gas use. The BioXplorer 5000 high pressure range offers the opportunity to investigate the effects of elevated pressures at bench scale.
The BioXplorer 5000 high pressure range offers the opportunity to investigate the effects of elevated pressures at bench scale.

| Discover how pressure affects your bioprocesses at pressures up to 10 bar (higher can be supplied). Investigate the effects of pressure on DO, cell growth and other parameters with full feedback controls and advanced software features

| Study the effects of differing feed gas compositions with automated gas mixing and
exhaust gas feedback controls

| Increase productivity with the option for parallel operation with multiple high pressure

| Work with confidence with a full suite of integrated safety features

The BioXplorer 5000 Pressure range is ideal for:
| Gas fermentation and the use of C1 gases as carbon sources

| Enhancing oxygen uptake and improving yields

| Simulating head pressures seen at much larger scales

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