BioXplorer 100
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Gas Feeds

  • Choose from simple or more sophisticated gas flow control regimes
  • Each bioreactor can be configured with single or multiple mass flow controllers
  • For microbial fermentations, automatic oxygen enrichment is possible if an air and oxygen (or enriched oxygen) source is supplied and the controller can be set to maintain a chosen dissolved oxygen (DO) value by altering the amount of supplied gas
  • For cell culture applications CO2 can be used for pH control
  • Ratios of several gases can be mixed and regulated with online feedback from off gas analytics

Liquid Feeds

  • Choice of liquid feeds for standard and pressure applications
  • Highly linear peristaltic pump drives are integrated into standard heads which enable exceptional pH and dosing control as well as a wide operating range
  • Typically, two to four pumps per reactor are supplied but additional pumps can be added as needed
  • Syringe pumps and high pressure pumps are also available

Magnetically Suspended Stirring

  • HEL's proprietary design is recommended for reactors up to 500 ml
  • Ideally suited to small bioreactors with proven performance
  • No shaft seal or moving parts: no sterility issues
  • Excellent magnetic coupling
  • Range of stirrer designs (marine, rushton, etc)
  • Speed 300 rpm to 1500 rpm or 30 rpm to 200 rpm

Overhead Stirring

  • Overhead stirring is offered on vessels from 300 ml upwards and is commonly used for larger bench-scale reactors
  • For pressure applications special magnetic drives are used

pH, Dissolved Oxygen and Redox

  • A complete range of bioprocess probes are available to cater for differen conditions, reactor sizes and applications.
  • All probes are integrated into software to allow automated monitoring and feedback loops.


Off Gas Analysis

Tandem off-gas analysis units as an on-line tool to monitor and control a process continuously. By monitoring the off-gas, the software can automatically calculate the oxygen uptake rate (OUR) of the cultivated cells and the carbon dioxide production rate (CPR) can be measured for micro-organisms. From this data, the respiration quotient (RQ) can be calculated automatically.

Cell Density and Biomass Monitoring

BioVIS allows the online monitoring of cell growth and biomass using optical density, which can reduce or replace the need for online sampling. This feature allows the user to track the growth and understand the processes without taking samples. Viable cell density probes can also be integrated.

Robot Integration

>>Robotic sampling and work-up as required