HP AutoLAB // High-Pressure Reactor Platform
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Reactor Options

Jacketed Reactor Options

Jacketed Reactors


The Standard Range

Reactors are available from a standard 250mL to 20L, but other sizes can be accomodated on request. Interchange of reactors is widely supported across the vessel range, with typically just a change of stirrer required. Self-sealing "Quick-Connects" remove the need to drain oil-jackets and make vessel interchange a quick and clean operation.


Reactors are divided into three basic types...

  • Glass with an oil jacket (with or without optional vacuum jacket)
  • Metal with an oil jacket
  • Metal with an electrical jacket.

A range of options are available within each of the catergories and your HEL representative can assist in the selection of the best vessel for a given application.

Standard vessels are rated to 250° C, and electrical heating allows for operations up to 500° C.


Under Pressure?

Pressure vessels are available in both glass and metal variants, with standard ratings of up to 6 and 100 bar respectively. As with all HEL systems, solutions above the standard ratings are possible - please contact your HEL representative for further information.


The Material Difference

Glass reactors are made from high-quality Borosilicate 3.3 (DIN/ISO 3585) and metal reactors are available in a range of materials...


  • Stainless Steel 316
  • Hastelloy

...are the common choices, offering excellent broad chemical resistance, suitable for the large majority of chemical processing activities. Other Steel alloys and specialist exotic materials such as...

  • Titanium
  • Inconel
  • etc.

are availble on request.