AutoLAB // Chemical Reactors, from 250mL to 20L
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Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits



Modular & Ergonomic design

  • Modules such as pumping or sampling systems can be added now or in the future.
  • Tool-less couplings, accessible fittings.

Wide range of standard options choose from...

  • Vacuum and High-pressure systems
  • Vessels from 250mL to 20L
  • Choice of Material of Construction (MOC)
  • Liquid, solid and gas feeds
  • Sampling systems
  • Probes, (pH, RedOx, Conductivity etc.)
  • Cascaded systems
  • PAT Integration


Software Control

  • WinISO - dedicated control software in use since 1996.
  • Designed in-house and under constant development.
  • Complete control of any and all electronic devices on the system
  • integrated "intelligent" feedback controls
    • eg automated pH control via dosing pumps.






Every variable is monitor, every device is controlled - allowing for effective resolution of unsafe operations, with user-defined alarms, terminations and even shut-down conditions.




The AutoLAB is designed for true walkaway operation - producing results 24/7. Plans are simple to write and multiple manual experiments can be concerted into a single run.

With constant logging of system variables and probes, experiments are enriched with data - producing useful infromation for downstream troubleshooting or process optimisation, from the very first reaction.


Limitless Possibilties


The AutoLAB is designed in close consultation with the client to achieve their aims, however the story doesn't stop there. The modular design and built-in upgradeability, mean that many of our AutoLABs have evolved with the changing needs of our clients. The addition of pumps or probes or vessels, can radically change the function of the system, but at the fraction of the cost of a new one.