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Posted on 09/04/2015

Two Postings:


1 Process Development Chemist
(Recent Graduate)


2 Mechanical Design and Assembly Engineer


Process Development Chemist
(Recent Graduate)


HEL is looking for chemistry graduates with hands-on experience in chemistry laboratories and/or pilot plants, to assemble and test research scale reactors and related equipment for automated process development, before it is shipped to clients worldwide. We don&rsquot carry out process research ourselves but rather provide our clients with bench and pilot scale automated reactor and calorimeters, for such work. Our systems typically consist of a stirred reactor with all the necessary probes and liquid/gas dosing capability to enable a wide range of processes to be investigated. We specialise in supply of custom solutions and our clients include all the major chemical and petrochemical corporations, worldwide.

The work is varied and challenging and you could eventually manage your own projects. You could also be involved in helping with consultancy work which often requires small scale experiments to be run for example to provide safety data.  

You will need to be well organised, confident and a good communicator, willing to travel and capable of handling multiple tasks at the same time. World-wide travel (short trips) on a regular basis is an important part of the job.
We are looking for Chemistry or Chemical Engineering graduates, ideally with some experience in industry although full training is provided.




2. Mechanical Design and Assembly Engineer


HEL is involved in the development, assembly and supply of equipment that is used in laboratories worldwide to develop new chemicals, plastics and medicines. The mechanical part of our designs is often central to the product and consists of stirred vessels (sometimes under pressure made of various alloys) often heated/cooled and integrated into a structure that also encases electronics.
We are looking for an experienced design engineer to create new versions of existing product assemblies as well as amend and extend designs. Manufacture is subcontracted to local workshops and so good relationships with suppliers are an important part of the job.
You will be required to create manufacturing drawings using Autodesk Inventor 2013 (or similar), including geometric and dimensional tolerance. Ability to create quick solutions for prototyping (rather than highly detailed solutions taking a long time) would be of great benefit. Many designs are only for one-off projects and do not allow the luxury of long design periods.
Some experience in pressure system design is desirable. Familiarity with pressure fittings, seals reciprocating shafts is essential. Knowledge in use and maintenance of workshop equipment as well as training of others is important, mostly for small scale prototyping.
You will be part of a multi-disciplinary team involved in several projects at the same. Ability to work under pressure and flexibly is of importance.


Please apply in writing, enclosing a full CV to:

Susan Martin
E Mail: smartin@helgroup.com

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