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On August 14, the “Chemical Safety Joint Laboratory” jointly established by Shenyang Institute of Chemical Industry and the HEL Ltd. held an unveiling ceremony at the Shenyang Institute of Chemical Safety Technology and Engineering.

Professor Xu Weichang, Vice President of Chemical Industry Department of Sinochem Group, and Dean of the Shenyang Institute, Dr Jasbir Singh, General Manager of HEL Ltd., unveiled the joint lab and delivered separate speeches. Dr Cai Leiming, Vice Dean of Shenyang Institute, Dr Arcady Kossoy, Director of R&D of ARKS and CISP, Dr Derick McIntosh, Senior Design and Technology Specialist of HEL Ltd., and Mr Yang Haipeng, Chief Representative of Beijing Representative Office of HEL Ltd., attended the unveiling ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Dr Cheng Chunsheng, Director of Shenyang Institute of Chemical Safety Technology and Engineering.

Professor Xu Weichang pointed out in his speech: “At present, the concern and demand for chemical process safety has gradually been transformed from a corporate behaviour into state behaviour. The establishment of the chemical safety joint laboratory is a new starting point and a new opportunity for the development of the centre.  I hope Shenyang Hospital Further deepens innovation and cooperation with HEL, deepen the life cycle technical services, and provide complete solutions for enterprises.” Dr Jasbir Singh said: “HEL will provide high-end research equipment and professional technical support for the joint laboratory. I believe that under the efforts of both parties, the chemical safety joint laboratory will surely bear fruit.”

At the same time, Dr Jasbir Singh was invited to give a lecture entitled “Basics of DoE methodology and process optimization” in Shenyang Institute, chaired by Professor Cheng Chunsheng, and more than 60 researchers from the institute participated.

With professional equipment and software development capabilities, the main business areas include pharmaceutical, fine chemical, petrochemical and other chemical related industries. It can develop special professional research equipment for the needs of Shenyang Institute of Chemical Safety Technology and Engineering Center to meet the needs of testing and research.

Under the leadership of Dr Cheng Chunsheng, the leader of the institute, the Shenyang Institute of Chemical Safety Technology and Engineering is the first to develop chemical safety technology and engineering platforms in China according to the classification of chemical substances, process, reaction out-of-control, risk assessment and risk control. A series of core technical methods, assessment methods and evaluation criteria.

Establishing a joint laboratory for chemical safety with Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry is an important task for HEL to carry out international cooperation. The joint lab will play the role of both directors and is committed to contributing to the chemical safety industry.