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BiCuSeO Plate Custom Reactor Insert

HEL is working on a joint venture with Exergy and Cranfield University for the thermoelectric promotion of catalytic activity.
Dr. Zhaorong Huang has pioneered a new application of thermoelectric materials as a promoter of catalyst by sintering and pressing a mixture of metals to produce a ceramic plate which composed of BiCuSeO.
This material generates an electrical potential when there is a temperature gradient through the material (known as the “Seebeck Effect”.) This potential is transferred onto the metallic catalyst coated on the surface of the material (such as platinum), increasing its catalytic activity by over 9000 times. This has been proven by Cranfield University in respect to the reduction to carbon dioxide to carbon monoxide.
HEL’s role is to integrate this technology into a commercial platform, and scale-up the research work already done by Cranfield University. We were selected, due to our extensive work and experience in control of heating in pressured flow chemistry.