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The new Tandem gas analyser data capture software allows the convenient monitoring and visualisation of exhaust gas data from all Tandem Gas Analysers

Advantages of the Tandem data capture software:

| Real-time monitoring of %CO2 and %O2 from the off-gas of any bioreactor
| Export data in CSV format
| Available as a stand-alone portable unit
| Works with any Tandem gas analyser
| Run up to 18 parallel processes
| Simple to use
| Automatically calculates CER, OUR & RQ with HEL BioXplorer systems

The Tandem Family of Gas Analysers offers you sophisticated CO2 and O2 gas measurement at a similar price to your other standard probes and sensors. Formerly the reserve of expensive equipment, you can now afford dedicated, individual, on-line monitoring and control of your processes. You gain the reliability and the flexibility required in your facility. The Tandem Gas Analysers provide portable systems with option of standalone software.

The Tandem gas analysers off the following benefits:

Greater understanding of your cells and processes
| Physiological state measurement on-line
| Scale-up and scale-down predictions
| Batch variation studies: feature analysis
| Metabolic flux analysis and mass-balance calculations

Increase the reliability and repeatability of your processes
| Accurate fed-batch control
| Metabolic activity based feeding
| Repeatable event decisions: induction, infection, harvesting etc.
| Dedicated, continuous, standard signals for all your reactors
| Automatic calculation of RQ, CER, OUR, and RQ
| Integrates to any reactor size (250 ml – 100 m3)

The Magellan BioTech, Tandem, data capture software for all Tandem gas analysers