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HEL 2016 User, group meeting in Goa IndiaOn February 25th and 26th 2016 – Goa, India HEL held its very successful Process Development Conference & Workshop.
At this prestigious event, we attracted over 50 participants, with 15 industry leaders, giving their expert insights in process development.
The topics included :
– Supercritical drying for best thermal insulators
– High-pressure fermentor for deep-sea microbial cultivation
– Quality by design : trends in generic API pocess development
– Application of PolyBLOCK system to biologics process
– Mixing simulation for scale up & better conversion
– Using DoE during development for the right design
–  Difficult to crystallise scenario
–  Thermal screening and parallel platform in scale-up
– Use of TSU at Aarti Industries for safe scale-up of process
–  Thermal decomposition behaviour of Tri n-butyl phosphate-nitric acid
–  Graduating from ALR to Simular
–  Process intensification- A recent trend in API pharma industries
–  Vent sizing and runaway reactions.

The amazing feedback we got from speakers and participants:

Aniket Gogate of Unichem:    Many informative contents  especially  session  conducted  by  Shravan Kumar  &  Amin on  crystallisation  &  Process intensification respectively .

Mithun  Surve, Lupin: Quite impressive technical  session and got  new  insight  about the  special  AeroGel application by  Dr. Neha  of  ARCI and nuclear research  & safety by Dr. Chandran  of  IGCAR .

Subramani  Ramesh Babu, Eisai: Some of  the  research  work  presented  on deep  sea microbes  studies  by Dr. Kirubagaran of  NIOT  was  fantastic for therapeutic applications .

Ch. Anil Kumar, Divis: We enjoyed the conference and had new learning on Chiral Crystallisation and process safety aspects with vent  sizing .

Raosaheb  Kalyankar, Daiichi  Sankyo: The concept of Mixing simulation & DOE software for  process optimisation was something  I liked   most for my synthetic research work

Dr. Neha, ARCI: Enjoyed the conference  and stay in Goa . Great to meet people and listen to so many different aspects of HEL automation & applications .

Mr. Amin Ismaili, Alembic: Well organised conference and selection of speakers  & their topics provided greater insight about their research work. I enjoyed  the program thoroughly and  look forward  to  HEL  event  which I found better in the content compared  to others.

Dr. Deepak, Jain Zoetis: The theme based program made stunning  impact the on not only audience but to speakers as well in order to look beyond what Pharma world  is doing. Excellent support by HEL team whenever I needed  them.

Dr.  Madhavan Buddha, Biocon: It has been a memorable experience all the way and I am very impressed on NIOT work with deep-sea microbial research presented by Dr. Kirubagaran .

Dr. Chandran, IGCAR: I liked the program structure and the audience interaction by asking different questions on almost all the topics presented

Mr. Shravan Chandrashekar,DRL: The Goa conference just provided enough food for our thoughts while dealing with our process research work and role of automation in achieving QbD objectives .

The presentation by  Shravan( Dr.  Reddy ), Deepak (  Zoetis ), Neha ( ARCI ) has been widely appreciated by all the participants .

The presentation by Amin, forced audiences to think how the basic of chemical engineering can help engineering the chemistry & development activities.

HEL 2016 User, group meeting in Goa India HEL 2016 User, group meeting in Goa India HEL 2016 User, group meeting in Goa India

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