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Automatically generate MSZW and solubility curve in multiple reactors with the crystalSCANA successful industrial crystallisation requires the development of a robust process in the laboratory. Knowledge of the solubility curve and the stability of the solution in the vicinity of the equilibrium point, as indicated by the metastable zone width (MSZW), are essential to the successful development, optimisation and scale-up of a crystallization process.

HEL has developed a highly sensitive turbidity-based probe to determine both the solubility and recrystallization temperatures automatically. This technology can be supplied either as a stand-alone probe (CrystalEYES) to be used with samples and vessels supplied by the user or else integrated into a multi-sample parallel tool (CrystalSCAN).

The CrystalSCAN can automatically conduct 8 different experiments simultaneously. Specific cooling and heating regimes and automated dilution, to crystalscanallow different concentrations, can be performed simultaneously and in a fully automated manner reducing weeks of development work to hours.