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The scalability study was based on matching kLa values in both a 100 ml miniature bioreactor and a 2L bioreactor. The table below illustrates how closely the biomass concentration and DOT profiles compare at the two scales, with µmax values that differ by only 0.03 h-1. A greater final biomass concentration, 5.5 g.L-1, was produced in the 2 L bioreactor as a significantly larger initial inoculum, 6.7%, was used. The trends for oxygen depletion during the linear growth phase as well as time taken for both systems to become oxygen limited are similar and reproducible in both cases.

Batch fermentation kinetics of E. coli TOP10 pQR239 fermentations carried out at miniature 100 ml and 2 L scale (Data courtesy of University College London)This data quality at approximately 100 ml scale combined with the miniature electronics has resulted in the most compact, high throughput bioreactor platform available, with a range of features previously only possible at large scale.

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