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The need for “tool-less” leak tight seals

The mini range of High pressure reactorsDemanding chemistries often require more extreme process conditions which need pressure reactors. A key to doing chemistry under pressure is to use reactors that are simple to use while at the same time being safe – covering single and parallel operation and a over a range of volumes.
At the small volume end, HEL has developed “Research Scale” Pressure Reactors where a range of volumes can fit a single heat plate:

Mini: Common head plate to fit 16,25 and 50 ml – magnetically stirred
Midi: Common head plate to fit 75, 150, 300 and 500 ml – magnetically or overhead stirred.
These reactors, which are fully PED compliant with a working range of up to 200 Bar and 300 0C, have multiple ports for a range of probes and can even be just hand tightened to achieve leak-tight seals.
The common head plate design is similar to our existing concept for bench and floor standing reactors, where volumes from 500 ml to 20 L can be interchangeably used on the same head. This provides a compact floor or bench-standing frame, that can take reactors over this wide volume without any need to change the head plate, pressure fittings, stirrer motor etc. Even pressure glass vessels can be used on this same head plate in place of metal reactors.

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