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One challenge faced by researchers in catalyst development is the need to quickly evaluate different catalysts and optimise reaction conditions. However, accessing affordable, high pressure, high temperature screening devices is equally challenging. The HEL CAT blocks:
|Provide an affordable, entry level range of catalyst research tools.
|Are available in 7, 18 or 24 vial configurations the CAT blocks allow primary catalyst screening and basic process
optimisation at relatively low cost.
|Can be used with conventional hotplate stirrers and all gas and pressure fittings are preinstalled.
|Are widely used successfully at many Universities both as research and teaching tools.
|Allows to undertake rapid parallel catalysis and thereby facilitate quicker downstream analysis.
With the HEL CAT 7, CAT 18, CAT 24, PluCAT, DigiCAT products for Rapidly Evaluate Catalysts & Optimize Reaction Conditions