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Polymer Formation Reactions With The PolyBLOCK Including Distillation Under VacuumThere are several classes of transformations in chemistry that require harsh reaction conditions to achieve the desired reaction.
These classes of reactions include complex molecule synthesis, such as polymer formation reactions e.g. polycarbonates.
We have recently provided a solution that reaches and maintains high temperatures up to 250 °C using our PolyBLOCK 4 reactor platform in the following configuration:
| 500 ml glass reactor with PTFE lid
| Overhead direct agitation (0-1000 rpm)
| Thermal control of the system via temp probe (-40 °C to 245 °C)
| Online monitoring and adjustment of the reaction conditions via our WinISO software.
The lid has two ports that provide the option of allowing vacuum distillation (with monitoring of the condenser temperature) and drying of the final product through connection with a vacuum pump (3 mbar lowest vacuum achieved), all whilst monitoring and controlling the desired temperature. Extra reaction ports are available for sampling and addition of reagents.