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Robotic culture platform with HEL minibioreactors


Robotic culture platform with HEL minibioreactors
Parallel platforms can also be integrated with bioreactors – hence 4 or 8 reactor parallel stations are now possible with a compact footprint that includes all the features of high specification applications – pH, DO, agitation, liquid dosing, independent temperature control.

A recent project extended this concept still further with a set of 24 independent reactors for TWB in France, involving the integration of a
Hamilton robot and HEL bioreactor system.
The final design – a “culture robot” – allows, among other things, identification of optimal culture conditions or generation of successfulstrains, in less than a fifth of the time taken with conventional automated reactor systems.  This platform is well suited for microbial culture and enzyme catalysis –Click here to download our case study  OR or copy and paste this link: