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HEL’s AutoMATE II accommodates reactors with a large number of probes, condensers/valves/relief devices without a cluttered overhead and also allows extremely high or low working temperature operations for parallel process development. Not only does it accommodate these features but the AutoMATE II is easy and flexible to allow essential modifications. The Automate II is the successor to the original AutoMATE introduced 20 years ago which was one of the first parallel chemistry platforms on the market and is high specification brother of HEL’s PolyBLOCK

4 x 500 ml reactors with overhead stirring for organic synthesis with reflux, multiple liquid dosing, pH and turbidity monitoring on each reactor.

8 reactor system with both overhead and bottom (magnetic agitation) with a range of reactor sizes. Temperature of up to 500 ° C is possible.

Highly complex pressure reactors with overhead stirring as well as multiple probes (turbidity, pH, pressure) including as many as 4 different gases and 4 different liquids to each reactor.