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The Battery Show
HEL will be exhibiting at the upcoming The Battery Show in Novi, Michigan on September 15th through 17th.  The show is a premier event showcasing the latest advancements in battery technology.
Please stop by out booth (1843) and discover the latest developments in battery safety testing equipment, including the:

The HEL BTC 500HEL BTC Range Of Adiabatic Battery Testing Calorimeters (BTC)

The BTC determines safe working limits to avoid thermal runaway explosion under ‘worst case’ (adiabatic) conditions it provides data that can be relied upon in real-life applications. The limits can only be measured with an adiabatic device, any other system will not provide safe operating values.




The HEL iso-BTCisothermal-Battery Testing Calorimeters (iso-BTC)

The isoBTC provides heat-release profile during battery charge/discharge, at a constant temperature. Data for battery development, thermal management and performance modelling, at different temperature