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HEL PolyCATHEL products for Heterogeneous catalyst screening and highpressure process development at the moment go from the very basic (such as CAT7, 18  and 24) with each sample at exactly the same conditions and no data logging at one extreme and then HP Chemscan at the other end, which is  fully automated system with individually controlled sample conditions.
The price difference between these two extreme is also very large and for this reason HEL is introducing the PolyCAT.
This versatile new product is most definitely at the high automation and data logging end of the spectrum but some simplifications have enabled us to cut the price by some 30% compared to HP Chemscan. The same compact footprint and ease of use as the HP Chemscan, this too will offer 8×16 ml reactors as standard, all fully stirred with individual temperature control and graphical data display on PC as standard.

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