Fast Optimisation & Safe Scale-up – Simular Reaction Calorimeter

 Fast Optimisation & Safe Scale-up – Simular Reaction Calorimeter Essential tool for process development chemists HEL’s reaction calorimetry system provides a unique blend of features that are considered indispensable for process development: |  Automation accelerates development, freeing up chemist time |  Repeatable runs independent of operator |  Ease of use including automatic on-line heat release rate results |  Directly enables prediction of cooling duty, thermal hazard and possible methods for risk reduction The Simular is based around reaction vessels that are easy to use but also match the geometry and performance of large-scale vessels. Designs are available to suit a range of pressures and temperatures.  

Vent Sizing For Runaway Chemical Reactions

Pressure relief of chemical reactors is the accepted way to prevent explosive vessel rupture in the event of a control problem such as loss of cooling supply or agitation failure. When the problem leads to a runaway reaction, potentially leading to rapid rises in temperature and pressure, correct sizing of the pressure relief device becomes much more critical due to the potential severity of the incident but also more difficult as it requires an accurate description of the runaway event. The underlying technology for this was established ~ 1985 through a multi-company initiative (called DIERS). In addition, the need for small-scale simulation of the runaway reaction was established and the… Continue Reading

HEL October 2015 Events In The Far East

HEL will be attending two prestigious events in the far east, during October 2015. These will be attended by HEL’s CEO- Dr. Jasbir Singh, who will be giving detailed presentations on safety and battery related matters. Events details: The 2015 Annual Conference of Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China (CIESC) Date:                           16th – 18th October 2015 Location:                    The Beijing Convention Center, Beijing, China Presentation Given: Safe Scale-up of Hazardous Chemical Reactions This will cover the generation of data necessary for understanding reaction hazards (based on isothermal and adiabatic calorimeters) and how this information can then used to develop safe processes.  Efficient and rapid process scale-up will… Continue Reading