What Are The KPI’s For Thermal Control Data Based On ISOTHERMAL Calorimetry?

We have prepared a FREE application note, which highlights key performance indicators of thermal control data based on isothermal calorimetry, which can be found here or copy and paste the link below in your browser http://helgroup.com/marketing/isothermalDOWNLOAD OUR FREE APPLICATION NOTE HIGHLIGHTING KPI’S FOR THERMAL CONTROL

General Motors (GM) recently purchased an iso-BTC after extensive trials with their batteries samples, even though they have adiabatic calorimeters available to them. Here’s why.

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See Our Webinar: Faster and Better Process Development Using Parallel Reactor Platforms and DoE

DoE Webinar

This webinar focuses on the use of multiple (parallel) reactor platforms, which is becoming an established practice in pharma and other sectors as well as the use of DoE to direct the experimental effort and analyze the data. The webinar … Read more

Hybrid Reactor Solutions For Bioreactors And Catalytic Synthetic Chemistry

HEL ChemSCAN For Catalyst, Bio & Chemical ApplicationsHEL ChemSCAN For Catalyst, Bio & Chemical Applications

HEL offer reactors used for  “green” fuels (bio-diesel, bio-ethanol etc.), as well as bioreactors for cell and bacterial applications.
These bio applications have a lot in common with high-pressure solutions for synthetic … Read more