New HEL BioXplorer 100 & 400 Mini-Bioreactor System

The Mini-Bioreactor System For Rapid Parallel Bioprocessing

Introducing The BioXplorer 100 & BioXplorer 400 Mini-Bioreactor System The feature rich, modular design with an extensive list of options means the BioXplorer 100 and 400 can be adapted to any application including microbial fermentation, C1 Gas fermentation and mammalian cell culture. These mini-bioreactors provide the ideal platform for bioprocess development and optimisation using 4 or 8 reactors in parallel with fermentation working volumes from 20 ml to 400 ml (depending on c.onfiguration) The BioXplorer 100 The BioXplorer 100 is a high throughput, bioprocess screening system designed for fermentation working volumes of just 20ml to 150ml in blocks of 8 individually controlled bioreactors. Blocks can be combined to give even… Continue Reading

Rapidly Evaluate Catalysts & Optimize Reaction Conditions

With the HEL CAT 7, CAT 18, CAT 24, PluCAT, DigiCAT products for Rapidly Evaluate Catalysts & Optimize Reaction Conditions

One challenge faced by researchers in catalyst development is the need to quickly evaluate different catalysts and optimise reaction conditions. However, accessing affordable, high pressure, high temperature screening devices is equally challenging. The HEL CAT blocks: |Provide an affordable, entry level range of catalyst research tools. |Are available in 7, 18 or 24 vial configurations the CAT blocks allow primary catalyst screening and basic process optimisation at relatively low cost. |Can be used with conventional hotplate stirrers and all gas and pressure fittings are preinstalled. |Are widely used successfully at many Universities both as research and teaching tools. |Allows to undertake rapid parallel catalysis and thereby facilitate quicker downstream analysis.… Continue Reading

What Are The KPI’s For Thermal Control Data Based On ISOTHERMAL Calorimetry?

DOWNLOAD OUR FREE APPLICATION NOTE HIGHLIGHTING KPI’S FOR THERMAL CONTROL DATA BASEDON ISOTHERMAL CALORIMETRY General Motors (GM) recently purchased an iso-BTC after extensive trials with their batteries samples, even though they have adiabatic calorimeters available to them. Here’s why. Fires and explosions involving Li-ion batteries occur when heat is not removed effectively and leads to a rise in temperature. Thermal management systems are designed to prevent such incidents but can only do so if they are designed to handle the necessary heat load – which raises the question:  how can this load be determined? The answer is HEL’s iso-BTC, which works exactly like a thermal management system except it reports… Continue Reading

See Our Webinar: Faster and Better Process Development Using Parallel Reactor Platforms and DoE

This webinar focuses on the use of multiple (parallel) reactor platforms, which is becoming an established practice in pharma and other sectors as well as the use of DoE to direct the experimental effort and analyze the data. The webinar also highlights the results of many different process development studies to illustrate the range of parallel reaction instruments available. Examples from synthetic organic chemistry in general, as well as heterogeneous catalysis (including hydrogenation in flow reactors) and crystallization studies, are used to describe the benefits of these techniques. To Download PDF Of This Webinar, please click on this link

Vent Sizing For Runaway Chemical Reactions

Pressure relief of chemical reactors is the accepted way to prevent explosive vessel rupture in the event of a control problem such as loss of cooling supply or agitation failure. When the problem leads to a runaway reaction, potentially leading to rapid rises in temperature and pressure, correct sizing of the pressure relief device becomes much more critical due to the potential severity of the incident but also more difficult as it requires an accurate description of the runaway event. The underlying technology for this was established ~ 1985 through a multi-company initiative (called DIERS). In addition, the need for small-scale simulation of the runaway reaction was established and the… Continue Reading

Research Scale Pressure Reactors

The need for “tool-less” leak tight seals Demanding chemistries often require more extreme process conditions which need pressure reactors. A key to doing chemistry under pressure is to use reactors that are simple to use while at the same time being safe – covering single and parallel operation and a over a range of volumes. At the small volume end, HEL has developed “Research Scale” Pressure Reactors where a range of volumes can fit a single heat plate: Mini: Common head plate to fit 16,25 and 50 ml – magnetically stirred Midi: Common head plate to fit 75, 150, 300 and 500 ml – magnetically or overhead stirred. These reactors,… Continue Reading

The BioVIS – Total Cell Density & Biomass Monitoring In Any Bioreactor

The BioVIS from Magellan BioTech (a HEL group company) offers the following unique features: Ease Of Operation BioVIS allows the online monitoring of total cell growth and biomass using optical density technology, which can reduce or replace the need for online sampling. Simply insert the sterilisable probe inside the bioreactor and track growth. Compatible With All Major Brands Of Bioreactors This is a compact, portable and easy to use unit which is compatible with all major brands of bioreactor, including: – Sartorius Stedim – Applikon – Pierre Guerin – Finesse – Infors – New Brunswick And many more ……… Features Monitor and log total cell density in any fermenter Plug… Continue Reading