“NEW” Tandem Gas Analyser Data Capture Software

The new Tandem gas analyser data capture software allows the convenient monitoring and visualisation of exhaust gas data from all Tandem Gas Analysers   Advantages of the Tandem data capture software: | Real-time monitoring of %CO2 and %O2 from the off-gas of any bioreactor | Export data in CSV format | Available as a stand-alone portable unit | Works with any Tandem gas analyser | Run up to 18 parallel processes | Simple to use | Automatically calculates CER, OUR & RQ with HEL BioXplorer systems The Tandem Family of Gas Analysers offers you sophisticated CO2 and O2 gas measurement at a similar price to your other standard probes and… Continue Reading

New HEL BioXplorer 100 & 400 Mini-Bioreactor System

The Mini-Bioreactor System For Rapid Parallel Bioprocessing

Introducing The BioXplorer 100 & BioXplorer 400 Mini-Bioreactor System The feature rich, modular design with an extensive list of options means the BioXplorer 100 and 400 can be adapted to any application including microbial fermentation, C1 Gas fermentation and mammalian cell culture. These mini-bioreactors provide the ideal platform for bioprocess development and optimisation using 4 or 8 reactors in parallel with fermentation working volumes from 20 ml to 400 ml (depending on c.onfiguration) The BioXplorer 100 The BioXplorer 100 is a high throughput, bioprocess screening system designed for fermentation working volumes of just 20ml to 150ml in blocks of 8 individually controlled bioreactors. Blocks can be combined to give even… Continue Reading

NOW SHOWING Our Webinar Innovations In Miniature Bioreactor Technology

The webinar shows HEL innovative screening technology developed for Gas fermentation: Miniature bioreactors from 20 ml to 500 ml that can be operated in parallel at pressures to 10 bar. Proven scalability based on classical bioreactor design and geometry Advanced gas management methods Full automation from inoculation to sampling and downstream processing How to configure a system for C1 gas process development   To download pdf of this webinar, click here

HEL at RAFT 2015

HEL are exhibiting at RAFT (Recent Advances in Fermentation Technology), an annual SIMB event. November 8- 11, 2015 Location: Hilton Clearwater Beach Hotel, Clearwater Beach, FL We will be showing our latest innovations in bioreactor solutions which offers the most compact parallel screening systems available with working volumes from 20 ml to 2. 5 L and with pressure capabilties up to 5 bar

The BioVIS – Total Cell Density & Biomass Monitoring In Any Bioreactor

The BioVIS from Magellan BioTech (a HEL group company) offers the following unique features: Ease Of Operation BioVIS allows the online monitoring of total cell growth and biomass using optical density technology, which can reduce or replace the need for online sampling. Simply insert the sterilisable probe inside the bioreactor and track growth. Compatible With All Major Brands Of Bioreactors This is a compact, portable and easy to use unit which is compatible with all major brands of bioreactor, including: – Sartorius Stedim – Applikon – Pierre Guerin – Finesse – Infors – New Brunswick And many more ……… Features Monitor and log total cell density in any fermenter Plug… Continue Reading